Dog On NoGod

Dog On NoGod

In praise of the noted god NoGod:

Let us NoGod….

NoGod is great.
NoGod is good.
NoGod is on my side.
NoGod gives me strength.
NoGod is my shepherd.
NoGod is my co-pilot.

NoGod be praised!
NoGod Almighty!
NoGod Bless America!
NoGod Save the Queen!
NoGod damn the Pusher Man!

NoGod loves you.
NoGod damns you.
NoGod loves a duck.
NoGod doesn’t play dice with the unverse.
Only NoGod can make a tree.
There is only one NoGod.

Walk with NoGod.
Be with me NoGod.
I’m on fire for NoGod.
But now NoGod is dead.

Dog on NoGod.

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