You Be Here NOW!

Ed Welcomes youWelcome

You may like it or not;
it’s a free cosmos.

This website digitally recreates my life’s works and play,
like a wizard’s dream slowly manifesting on clouds of dancing pixels.

The most complete part of this website is at William Blake Tarot. This was born first, out of necessity, in order to provide information about this deck to its buyers and users.
There will be more to come here later, especially improved interactivity,
but meanwhile you’ll find an entire illustrated book here, downloadable. Check it out.

In time to come, new portions of this website will be added but there’s not much as yet.
I have a good plan but its implementation will ultimately take more time than
I have in this incarnation. So don’t hold your breath.

However, just to give you an idea, at Vagabonding will be my various travel books,
for reading and downloading, with photos. If you take a look now, you’ll see the titles of the books to be made available as time allows.

At Photography right now there are just the categories of photos I will be gradually uploading, but this gives some idea of the range and number I have available (from 30 years of free-lance work). The big issue is getting this work digitized so that it can be placed online. Most of my serious photography work took place before digital photography, so I have thousands of negatives and slides needing to be scanned first.

The Poetry portion will go online quicker because most of this is already digitized, and there you’ll find provocative some word magic now..

The Bookselling portion simply links to my online inventory of 10,000 books (all kinds) available through one of my regular online selling outlets.

The Blog portion likewise simply links to my existing WordPress blog, at which I have made no entries in a year or two. But that will change. You’ll see…

In short, I have a large body of past work I want to share with new audiences, and much new work as well. The hangup is that all this takes time, lots of it, and meanwhile I must also work fulltime to make a living. Besides that, I still have a real life that takes.precedence (most of the time) over its mere recollection.

You are welcome, come on in.