Benediction for GivingThanksDay 2014

The first TV Christmas ads appeared seven weeks ago – yuck —

bypassing (what I call) GivingThanksDay – cos no money in that,
which is why GTDay is my fav holy-day, it being the most stainless!

No martyred mythical beings to worship,
no people’s heroes to patriotically honor,
no political causes to demonstrate for,
none of the egocentrism of our birthdays;
yah – GivingThanksDay is the cleanest.

(Except for the sacrificial turkey, a victim of history.)

Yet no matter how bitter or how sweet is anyone’s life —
still, something here they can find to feel good about,
and so become this day grateful participants in de light,
to lavish thanks upon everything we so take for granted.

Personally I note that today is 11-27-2014,
which numerologically reduces to the single number 9,
and in the William Blake Tarot signifies the Imagination trump
that depicts our own divine light dispelling spiritual darkness.

And that is what GivingThanksDay celebrates:
sharing with our kindred this bright urge to love;
activating righteousness that comes from the heart,
which is the most immaculate kind. Therefore:

May this company of comrades be blessed
by all the very best gods and goddesses, if any;
and may all we scattered beings this day unite
against the dark side of life, so mote it be.

Something called The Perennial Wisdom informs us
we are all members-of-the-band in the human parade,
and when playing our parts with spirit and good cheer,
this passing show indeed achieves surpassing grace!

Giving thanks to all and thanks for GivingThanksDay!

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